About us

We trade agricultural commodities, from farmer to mill, from factory or mill to farm and from factory or mill to feed factories.

We pride ourselves with the values we have set for ourselves, and have expanded immensely in the last 3 years. We firmly believe that we form part of a picture, which indirectly influences the end user. Whether it's meat, maize or other products on retailer's shelves. We strive to create a sustainable business solution, to keep our suppliers and customers supplied at all times.


With our transport division at hand, we have the perfect solution to create a business environment to delivery and collect on time, every time, to create lower risk for producers to be without stock, and mills to have space to run at full capacity.

We all are role players in a larger economical picture, and we strive to create a better country for all!

Our team

Our traders house consists of dedicated personnel, with the necessary knowledge and experience of economical fluctuations, and we closely monitor worldwide trades, to make the right calls and firm contracts at the best time, to give the benefit to the end user.


We trade on a daily basis with

Soyabean Oilcake

Sunflower Oilcake

Fully Defatted Soya

Cottonseed Oilcake

Cotton Seed (Delinted)

Fish Meal

Maize Chop

Wheaten Bran

Lucern (Big Packs + Small Bales)

Lucern Meal

Urea Feed Grade

We have a national footprint with various mills, factories and manufactures - so location is not an issue. Together with our national footprint and transport division, we are most likely to get the raw materials at a consistent and cheaper price, delivered to your site!

Our Team

Willem Martens Senior Trader Cell: 082 867 1022 E-mail: willem@maroelagroup.co.za

Maritza van Wyk Junior Trader Cell: 066 293 1432 E-mail: maritza@maroelagroup.co.za

Office: 018 011 4038 admin@maroelagroup.co.za