About us

With an economy such as ours, we aim to turn things around. We acknowledge the need for customers to get their services and/or goods delivered at a rate, to enable them to remain competitive in their market.

We also acknowledge the need for transporters to render their services at such a pace and rate, to keep them sustainable, and the ability to grow in their businesses.

We as transport consultants have vast experience in handling logistics both nationally and cross-border.

We have close relationships with role-players in the agricultural, FMCG and Cross Border sectors, to provide a complete transport solution, so that minimal effort and time is wasted in transporting loads, enabling transporters and customers to effectively manage other aspects of their businesses.

We listen to our customers and work closely with them to address their needs through innovative solutions.


With a experienced staff working around the clock, you can be sure we will get the job done and get it done right.

We strive towards creating the perfect balance between the transporter and the end user of the cargo, thus creating a sustainable source of income to a transporter sub-contracted by us, while assisting our customers in transporting their cargo at a nominal rate, which ultimately enables them to compete in the market with their goods. We firmly believe that both parties should benefit from our services, to add value to their positions in today's supply and demand market.

Our team

Our brokers house consists of dedicated personnel, with the necessary knowledge and experience of different types of transport, closely guided by Ms. Nicci Martens, who has integral knowledge in what's happening in the transport markets.


If you feel the need to sub-contract your trucks on a permanent basis, you're at the right place.

Contact Us:

Our Operators:

Riekus Britz Cell: 071 502 4068 E-mail: riekus@maroelagroup.co.za

Sunette Strauss Cell: 079 891 7224 E-mail: sunette@maroelagroup.co.za

Loan van der Spuy Cell: 082 922 3233 E-mail: loan@maroelagroup.co.za

Our Admin and Office Staff:

Natanja Pretorius Tel: 018 011 4038 E-mail: admin@maroelagroup.co.za

Andre Beukman Tel: 018 011 4038 E-mail: andre@maroelagroup.co.za

Operational Director:

Nicci Martens Tel: 018 011 4038 E-mail: nicci@maroelagroup.co.za